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The First International Conference on Holy Prophet Mohammad’s Tradition (Sireye Nabavi) in Medicine and the First International Student Conference.

Vol 6, No 4 Nov (2017)

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The Role of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hadi Imanieh as the President of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (2005-2017) in Progress of Medical History and Persian Medicine
Arman Zargaran

Original Article

Konstantinos Laios
Mostafa Namdari Monfared
Soleyman Heidari
Mostafa Enayatrad, Ehsan Mostafavi
Mahboobeh Farkhondehzadeh

Letter to Editor

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An Approach to Oral Pathology in Medieval Persia: Hidayat of Akhawayni Revisited
Thorakkal Shamim