Journal of Research on History of Medicine

The Electronic Journal of Research on History of Medicine encourages researchers in the field of history of medicine to submit historical articles in the whole fields of medical sciences from ancient to Contemporaneous periods, all round the world.

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The First International Conference on Holy Prophet Mohammad’s Tradition (Sireye Nabavi) in Medicine and the First International Student Conference.

Vol 7, No 2 May (2018)

Table of Contents

Original Article

Seyed Alireza Golshani, Javad Abbasi, Mohamad Taghi Imanpour, Seyyed Abulghasem Foroozani
Hossein Namdar, Javad Alipoor silab
Marzieh Khabiry, Reyhane Ahansazan, Hamed Ahansazan
Mostafa Nadim, Esmate Babadi
Sholeh Maslehat, Ehsan Mostafavi