Investigating Role of British in Health, Treatment and Establishment of Mursalin (Muslemin) Educational-Therapeutic Hospital in Shiraz (1900-1979)

Soleyman Heidari


      Mursalin (Muslemin) hospital was founded by British physicians in Shiraz. The hospital and its British staff have played an important role in the evolution of medical knowledge and the provision of health services in this city. Before the arrival of Donald Kaar and Emelian Stewart in Shiraz, there was no modern hospital or clinic; health services and pharmaceuticals were traditionally provided by local medicine men. The arrival of British physicians and nurses has not only finished traditional therapies in long term, but also commenced the arrival of modern medical knowledge in Shiraz. This study seeks the answer to this fundamental question that what the causes and factors of the arrival of British physicians and nurses in Shiraz were and what role they have played in providing modern health services in this city. This research is conducted in a descriptive manner along with analysis based on library and documentation resources (National Documentation Center of Iran and Documentation Archive of Birmingham University) as well as field research. The findings of this research demonstrate the beneficial role that British physicians and nurses played in improving people’s health; however, their main goal has been the promotion of Christianity in and around Shiraz.


Mursalin (Muslemin) Hospital, British Physicians, Donald Kaar, Modern Medicine

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