Ethnic Experience and Medical Knowledge in the Gilan Cultural Area: Anthropological study of folk medicine approaches among people of Gilan

Alireza Hasanzade


In the culture of different ethnic groups in Iran, there are various approaches to folk medicine in which, a variety of healing modelscan be found based on the experiences of that people.One of the popular folk medicine types is seen in the cultural area of Gilan, in which there are various forms of treatment such as herbal therapy, treatmentof animals, and belief and faith-based therapies.In this cultural sphere, we face the ritualization of healing which, given its religious and metaphysical place, can be called internal experience and is referred to in the language and expressions of the people of the region as "Shafa".However, the term "Tajrobe" in the "Gil of Tajrobe” relates to the livingexperiences of people in the cultural field and includes herbal treatments, nutrition system, and folk medicine techniques.In this article, after the introduction, first the ethnographic report is presentedin four thematic sections, and then the folk medicine in this cultural field, entitled“Gil Tajrobe”, is described as an approach to folk medicine in Iran, and the place of experience in its formation is discussed.

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