Study of the Role of Saffron in Treating Diseases in Folk Medicine

Mohammad Mokari


Saffron is a plant with many healing properties. This plant is known in Khorasan as an herbal with thousands of properties used in treatment of mental and physical diseases. This plant is native to Razavi and Southern Khorasan and is applied widely in folk medicine by people of these areas.

In this paper, the method of using saffron in folk medicine in three areas in Khorasan is discussed. Time and method of usage and storage, folk beliefs about saffron effectiveness in treatment of certain diseases, especially mental and digestive illnesses have been studied in this paper. This article looks at the anthropological use of saffron in folk medicine. We answer the question that to what extent folk and religious beliefs about this plant influences treatment of diseases. In this paper, we review the use of saffron in folk medicine.

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