The anthropological study of cauterization therapy, a type of treatment methods and other methods similar to it used in traditional medicine across Iran

Maryam Abbasi


In traditional medicine around the country there are experienced old men and women who treat sick peoplewith their knowledge of herbal and nonherbal drugs properties.Cauterizing different organs of the body is one of these treatments.Cauterizing is an example of such experiences that has been passed to these people from one generation to another.This method is used in many parts of Iran. In this type of treatment, due tohealer diagnosis, parts of the body are denuded cauterized by means of an iron tool heated on the fire. This treatment is done when the physiciandoes not obtain the desired result from herbal remedies of different typesfor treating patients and is known as the final solution for killing the pain.

This article explores the use of cauterization and kinds of diseases treatable with this method and tools used in this treatment.

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