Study of the ethno pharmacologyinPeganumharmala (Esfand)

Minoo Salimi


The importance of plants in human life cannot be ignored. Belief in the healing power of plants has long been popular among the people. The effect of plants in human life has been so great that they have been effective in shaping the structure of myths and credence. The study of Peganum’s(Esfand's) ethno pharmacologyreveals that the painting of Peganumharmalais one of the oldest plant designs that man has chosen to decorate his pottery. Undoubtedly, this choice was deliberately intended to demonstrate the importance of the Peganum plant in the life of prehistoric people. The ethno pharmacologystudy shows that this herb has been known to various people and has been used as a medicine. In this article, we study the importance of the Peganum plant in human life; the ethno pharmacology; the study of medical practices and folklore beliefs of Peganum’s healing in everyday life.

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