Roses and its therapeutic effects in Iranian folk medicine

Zhila Moshiri


Roses (in Iran: GoleSorkh) is one of the many herbs that have played a huge Healingrole in Iranian folk medicine and ancient medicine. The purpose of this article is to investigate the use of this plant in preventing and treating diseases in Iran folk medicine.In this article, we have conducted an investigation into the treatment methods of this plant in Iran's folk medicine using different ancient and new books. One of the most important sources of this article is the ethnographic reports in the archives of the Institute of Anthropology of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization.These reports have examined the anthropology of different regions of Iran, and there are many writings on the folk medicine of those areas where the reports are written about. In this paper, after giving a report on the nature of the rose in botanical knowledge, we have explained the specified pharmaceutical application of this drug in different regions of Iran.

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