Infertility treatment in folk medicine in Kerman

Azam Mousavi, Shirin Khazaee


The fertility of people (families) and its issues is of particular importance among all cultures, especially the traditional, rural and urban communities of Iran. In Kerman's culture, childbearing has a special place. Delay in fertility and birth may lead to infertility.Moreover, at times, this medical problem becomes a cultural and social issue.This article reviews the treatment of infertility, with use of folk medicine, medicinal herbs, folk practitioners, fanatics, and so on. Various works have been done in the city of Kerman to treat infertility.These methods are explained in various sources; and among our resources in this article, we have interviewed the conversant people using the Field Surveymethod in Kerman.One of the most important sources of this article is the ethnographic reports in the archives of the Institute of Anthropology of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization.

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