Traditional medicine method to heal diseases in Turkmen's culture

Shahpour Ghajaghinejad, Salim Salimi Moayed


In this article, we will explain the traditional medicine methods for treating diseases among Turkmen in Golestan province in northeastern Iran.The use of traditional medicine in the beliefs of these folks is of particular importance. The function of treatment methods and techniques for treating patients who do not have a proper mental condition or those who have pain in their various organs due to mental stress.The purpose of this article is to study the behavioral aspects of therapists and patients from the medical anthropology point of view. This article tries to describe the components of each healing ceremony of Turkmens and to examine the extent of this ethnic group's tendency toward healing rituals.Moreover, another part of this articleis allocated to studying the behavior and feeling of patients in the rate of human recovery and their tendency to treatment of shamans.

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