Folk medicine, ritual beliefs and retention of a newborn in Iran, focusing on cultural zonesof Gilan, Lorestan and Bushehr

Somaye Karimi, Masoome Rakhsha


A newborn baby is a new and vulnerable creature that when opens up to the world, variousrisks threatenhis health and life.For this reason, protecting a baby and strengthening his health is one of the issues that is observed in all cultures.One of the main topics of folk medicine in Iran is the healthiness of the baby and the way to deal with hisdiseasewithin the ritual beliefs.The child's development is very important in determining the methodsfor protectinghim and strengthening his health.This subject is accompanied by a variety of approaches in which ceremonies and ritualistic beliefs have a significant place.This paper tries to examine the approaches and ways of maintaining the infant's health among people through an ethnographic review of religious beliefs in traditional medicine in different regions of Iran. Hence, in this article the infant has been studied from birth up to teething in different parts of Iran, especially in three cultural zones of Gilan, Lorestan and Bushehr.


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