Investigation of the Role of the Baladieh Shiraz in Public Health(1907-1935 AD)

Soleyman Heidari, Banafshe Zarrabie


Although the task of providing public health to the years before the constitutional movement in Shiraz was the responsibility of institutions or individuals such as the income or the “Rika”, but after the constitutional revoulution and the entry of new civilian institutions and institutions into Iran, and institution called Baladieh in Shiraz founded in 1907, it played an important role in providing public health survices to citizens. During his carrier, Baladieh has had a number of diverse activities in the field of general cleaning, public health (accupations and places) supervision and public health through the construction of health facilities and the provision of health survices, and tried to ansure the health of citizens. About the purpose of Baladieh and it’s actions in public health has not yet been published. This paper seeks to description of the method, together with the analysis and collection of information in the library and documents, which firstly in Shiraz how Baladieh was established and, secondly, what did the institution do in terms of public health during the course of it’s activities? The findings of the research indicate that Baladia’s role in providing health care has been successful despite numerous problems in providing survices.


Baladieh, Shiraz, Public health, Municipality

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