A Survey of Iranian Diseases by Writers’ the View of Logbooks from Other Countries in Qajar Era

Mostafa Nadim, Esmate Babadi


Diseases and their recovery processes were usual issues between people and different clans. Gradually, people could provide better and deeper treatment according to their experience and academic studies. In Qajar era, Treatment based on the traditional ways and the medicine men was used in different ways for alleviating the pain.  Just since the Nasseri era, modern ways have been found for treatment. Particularly, since the European doctors entered Iran that Polak is one of the most famous of them.

Since the Safavi era, one of the important resources of Social History has been the logbook and the memory of Europeans; These people included the traders, politician agents, ambassadors, travelers and doctors. The great number of logbooks is from the Qajar era.

Some of the notes include interesting data about illnesses and the condition of medicine in Iran. This survey is carried out by the researcher to study different aspects of Iranian diseases and the process of curing illnesses according to logbooks written by foreigners in the Qajar era.



Diseases, Qajar Era, Foreigner Writers of Logbooks, Traditional Med, Western Med

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