Albucasis Insights in Trauma Management

Ali Taheri Akerdi, Mohammad Reza Rouhezamin, Mohamad Hosein Bahmani Kazerooni, Shahram Paydar


Surgical intervention was seen since mankind existed. The management of trauma was begun when first men suffered from wound complications in routine daily activity. The first Greek physicians combined magical and primitive medical methods to treat a wound. The study of surgery which was neglected after the Roman era was survived by Islamic scientists. They collected remaining ancient treatise and innovated new methods and instruments to manage a vast variety of diseases surgically. Surgical management of trauma is the main field of interest in papers written by scientists such as Rhazes, Al-Majusi, Albucasis and Avicenna. The aim of this study is to describe methods explained by Albucasis, as the greatest surgeon in golden Islamic era, to manage trauma patients with bleeding, airway obstruction, penetrating abdominal and arrow wound injuries.



Albucasis, Trauma, golden Islamic era

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