Hernia Repair in Golden Islamic Era; Review of Albucasis (Al-Zahrawi) Methods in Hernia Repair

Ali Taheri Akerdi, Mohamad Hosein Bahmani Kazerooni, Mohammad Reza Rouhezamin, Afsoon Fazelzadeh, Shahram Paydar


Inguinal hernia is one of the oldest known diseases in medicine. The first documents of the diagnosis of this disease are seen in Egypt and Mesopotamian civilizations. Razi in book Al-Hawi and Avicenna in book The Canon of Medicine well described this disease and its medical treatment methods. The excellent treatment level of this disease can be found in the writings of Zahrawi, who not only well treated it with non-surgical method, but also completed its surgery with his genius and expertise . Given the writings of Zahrawi on the inguinal hernia in al-Tasrif book, as the surgery is described in detail and the side effects of any surgical procedure are explained, it is inferred that he has treated many patients by surgical procedure and of course, the patients have improved after the surgery, indicating the magnificence of surgical knowledge at the age of this scientist.



Inguinal hernia, Albucasis, Al-Zahrawi, Golden Islamic Era

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