To the Memory of Mohammad Hanifi, a Prominent Expert on Plague in the Pasteur Institute of Iran

Sholeh Maslehat, Ehsan Mostafavi


Due to the human plague epidemic in some regions of Kurdistan in 1947, research teams of the Pasteur Institute of Iran were sent to these regions for studies. Such studies are still ongoing. Mr. Mohammad Hanifi caught plague during its epidemic, and most of his relatives died of the disease. He began his official collaboration with research teams of the PII in diagnosing and controlling plague reservoir rodents in 1959, and it lasted until his death in 2015. In addition to plague, Hanifi conducted a great number of studies on other diseases such as relapsing fever, rabies and cholera. During his lifetime, he also suffered from plague and relapsing fever but he healed.

The present paper reviewed his lasting activities during his work in the Pasteur Institute of Iran (PII).


Pasteur Institute of Iran (PII), Plague, Borrelia, Rabies, Medical History

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