The Sabians of Harran’s Impact on the Islamic Medicine: From Third Century to the Fifth AH

Reza Afsharisadr, Mohammadali Chelongar, Mostafa Pirmoradian


Various factors have been involved in the growth and flourishing of Medicine as one of the most important sciences in Islamic civilization. The transfer of the Chaldean and Greek Medicine tradition to Islamic Medicine by the Sabians of Harran can be regarded as an essential element in its development in Islamic civilization. The present study seeks to investigate the influence of Sabians of Harran on Islamic Medicine and explore the areas which provided the grounds for the Sabians of Harranon Islamic Medicine. It is also an attempt to find out how they influenced the progress of Medicine in Islamic civilization.  A descriptive-analytical method was adopted on early sources and later studies to answer the research questions. The research results indicated that in the first place, factors such as the Chaldean Medicine tradition, the culture and Medicine of Greek, the transfer of the Harran Scoole Medicine in Baghdad were the causes of the flourishing of Islamic Medicine. Then, the caliphs and other officials’ treatment through doctors’ examinations had contribution to the establishment and administration of hospitals, while influencing the process of medical sciences in Baghdad and other parts of the Muslim world, thereby helping the development of this science in Islamic civilization.


The Abbasid Caliphate, Islamic Medicine, Sabians, Harran, Qurra and Zahroon Family

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