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<ArticleTitle>Al- Majusi: The Great Moslem Physician of Buyid Dynasty Era</ArticleTitle>
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<Abstract>Ali-Ibn-e-Abbas-Al-Majusi, well known as Haly Abbas in the West, a physician, surgeon and psychologist of Buyid dynasty era, lived in the 10th century (A.D). He, along with Tabari, Razi, Avicienna, and Jorjani, established the foundation of Islamic medicine. He authored &ldquo;Kamilu Sina&rsquo;at&rdquo; or &ldquo;al-Kitab al-Maliki&rdquo; (The Royal Book), a book on medicine which was used in European universities until the 18th century. Al- Ma-jusi had an important role in promoting and discussing neuroscience, psychology, internal medicine, and basic medical sciences. Hence, ow-ing to his great contribution to the field of medicine, Al- Majusi deserves to be explored more through research.</Abstract>

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