<JournalTitle>Journal of Research on History of Medicine</JournalTitle>
<VernacularTitle>Acquiring Influenza in Shiraz in 1918 AD (1336 HA)</VernacularTitle>
<Affiliation>. mostafa_nadim@yahoo.com</Affiliation>
<Abstract>One of the tragic consequences of the Great Wars is the spread of epi-demics. At the end of the First World War, flu spread in Europe and soon spread in many parts of the world including Iran. This event was accompanied by loss of many people in Shiraz. In two notes remained from that time, one belongs to a liberal&nbsp; and the other one belongs to one of the most famous physicians of Shiraz, the outbreak of flu is re-counted with precise details that can&rsquo;t be found in the official sources. Therefore these two sources give us valuable information. In this pa-per, using these notes, Shiraz social situation is studied at the time of flu outbreak.</Abstract>

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